Frameless Shower Door

Homeowners are increasingly considering their home as a sign of social status through eye catching interiors and designs. Bathrooms and in particular guest bathrooms have also become a central part of this new norm. Frameless glass shower doors will not only increase your social profile but also has many other advantages. Everyone wants to have the perfect combination of convenience and comfort. The doors that we offer are part of the customized solution that will provide you with exactly what you need. 

One of the first advantages that frameless shower doors can offer is safety. Most accidents at home usually take place in bathrooms due to the slippery nature caused by the shower waters. When you switch to frameless glass shower doors, you can avoid these accidents since the water splashes will be contained only inside your shower area. There will also be minimal leaks so you are assured that the whole bathroom floor outside the shower area remains safe and dry. Glass can also make the room look bigger and wider compared to the use of opaque divisions. It means that even if your bathroom is small, it will look spacious to allow a more relaxing and comfortable feeling. A more spacious perspective of your bathroom is definitely a big plus for your home guests. 

Also, a frameless shower door requires very simple and easy cleaning. There is also no frame where mildew and dirt can stick and accumulate. Brushing and wiping can take lesser time since dirt will slide easier down the glass if wet. Frameless glass shower doors are certainly a great choice for a socially acceptable and wonderful bathroom

Customized Solution include incorporating multiple types of Glass including but not limited to:

You also have many options concerning the latches, door handles, hinges and support. Call us at (202) 868-6828 NOW to get a FREE ESTIMATE or fill out our form and we will reach out to you IMMEDIATELY!