Grey shower glass is known as the premier tinted type of glass. This silver-based, dark tint looks grey and only lets a small amount of light flow and reduced light transfer. It adds more privacy and comfort while reducing the glare levels. 
If you are searching to keep the sun out, or you want to add a little amount of privacy in your shower enclosure; grey shower glass is a perfect choice. This tinted glass option will surely give you the privacy you need and can make your bathroom look elegant and luxurious. 


  • Reduced opacity

  • Reduces glare

  • Provides cooler indoor temperatures

  • Added privacy

With the benefits and characteristics of a grey shower glass, there is no reason why you should not consider incorporating it in your bathroom or shower room. If you have decided to upgrade your bathroom décor and you wish for a grey shower glass installed, never hesitate to contact us. We have the best variety of custom options that’s guaranteed to meet or even surpass your expectations. So, call us now! Call us at (202) 868-6828 NOW to get a FREE ESTIMATE or fill out our form and we will reach out to you IMMEDIATELY!