Low iron shower glass or also known as Starphire glass is an ultra clear glass type and offers a higher degree of transparency as compared to clear float glass. Its optimum clarity can be achieved through getting rid of most of its iron oxide content that is used for producing glass. The low iron shower glass’s improved clarity compared to clear float glass is almost unnoticed unless the two kinds of glass will be viewed against the colored background. 
This type of shower glass is clearer. It has been discovered that reducing iron and the use of new raw materials in the formula can increase light transmission and lessen the greenish tint usually present in clear glass and is most apparent if viewed from its edge. This green tint can become more visible as the regular float glass turns thicker. The result of Low iron will then be a sparkling, pure and extremely clear glass.
Low iron shower glass can be used just about anywhere you can use clear float glass. This can be toughened, laminated and is being treated in exactly the same way as clear float glass. Designed for applications in which optimum clarity is needed, these characteristics are what makes the low iron shower glass highly sought after by architects and designers. 

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