Tinted shower glass is just any kind of glass that has been applied with tinting. The application of the tinting can be in the form of a coating or film. This has been designed to lessen the amount of light which can get through the screen. There are different colors that can be used for tinting although the most common ones include various shades of greens, blues and greens.
Tinting is a wonderful choice for your shower glass screen as this will help you attain different levels of privacy that will depend on the darkness of the tint. This also means that you will be able to add to your shower enclosure a more exciting feature instead of just having standard clear glass shade. The tinted shower glass can look very elegant and the idea is similar with frosted glass, you can also pick whether you would like to tint only the shower door or if you like the whole shower enclosure to be tinted. 
But, something that you have to keep in mind is that the tinting is going to affect your bathroom tiles’ color so you have to choose the tinting or tiles carefully to make sure that you will achieve the decor result you want

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