Frameless Shower Screens

The frameless shower screens will be able to add more style while giving an impression of luxury and space even in the smallest of bathrooms. Aside from bringing a unique look to the interiors, this can also offer you with a privacy and uninterrupted view simultaneously. This can also help in giving you that feeling of luxury and indulgence. 
Frameless shower screens can make your bathroom look bigger. These make use of tracks or hinges to hold them into place. Through this, the screen will seem as if it has been suspended in the area. Its lack of frame can trick the eyes into believing that there is more floor space. Also, this kind of frames allows more light to pass through your bathroom that can make it seem brighter. 
A frameless shower screen can help create a minimalist and clean feel in your bathroom. These are very easy to clean and install since there are no crannies or nooks for soap scum to accumulate or for mold to grow. These shower screens can also provide flexibility of customized choices. This customization is going to depend primarily on the shape of your shower area. 
But probably the best advantage of frameless shower screens is that these are relatively affordable way of updating the overall appearance of the bathroom. Despite being cost effective, these can bring a modern and luxurious look and feel to your bathroom. Another good thing is that you can easily retrofit this to your existing bathroom which means that there is no need to have a complete renovation. With any glass types to choose from and the best practitioners available, Look no further and call us at (202) 868-6828 NOW to get a FREE ESTIMATE or fill out our form and we will reach out to you IMMEDIATELY!